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Serving Michigan

 No Hidden Cost     

We offer a  Flat Fee Rate

 Ken Cote Investigations aka KCI has a diversity of services to offer at affordable rates. 

 The following are included in all cases:

  100 miles per day at no additional cost

  Hourly  Case updates via text, voice, or email

  Written report

  Comprehensive Background report

  Online upload or DVD  of all surveillance activity

  Flat rate court testimony fee

  Pre-surveillance evaluation on all cases  




.Surveillance's       Domestic Relations   

.Background Checks         .PIP Expert

.Covert Operations       .Investigations

 .Missing Persons            .Bug Sweeps 

.Process Service    .Litigation Support 

 .Notary Public            .Loss Prevention

.Executive Protection.   Skip Tracing 

. Child Custody              .Criminal/Civil 


                       Who Hires Us  

.Law Firms                     .Employers

.Parents     .Insurance Companies 

.Finance Companies    .Landlords 

 .Spouses                    .Corporations                      

Who is Ken Cote


Ken Cote has over 15 years of combined private investigation, loss prevention/asset protection and college criminal justice teaching experience.

Ken holds a Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice and a Masters in Homeland Security. 

His resume includes working with (Gods Special Children) autism children & special education students, university criminal justice instructor, fire fighter with the US Army Reserves. He also holds many active licenses and certifications.

Ken is a West Michigan transplant (30 years ago) from New England. Ken now resides in a rural Allegan County area surrounded by his many hobby farm animals which include horses, dogs, cats, chickens Uncle Henry the “Attack” rooster, ducks and plenty of wild life who sneak around looking for a free meal. When not busy doing his “PI” work Ken tends to his land, maintains his small egg stand and  “hitting” the hiking trails.

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Ken Cote Investigations

(616) 633-0160 / (269) 205-3871


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